PANDORA. Foto: Mikael Stegrell

Program 2021

The Ghost In the Thread

The theme for GIBCA 2021 The Ghost Ship and The Sea Change derives from the plot Franska Tomten and the site’s existing but invisible historical information. With the exhibition The Ghost In the Thread, PANDORA is examining the theme through textile materiality. We see the textile field as a combination of tactile knowledge and experience. How the field inherent an ability to process and shape alternative narratives through the fragmented and fragile textile material. Via an open call we have selected textile works that relate to the subject of presence v/s absence, the gap, the tear, the lack and the trace: The Ghost In the Thread. 


Frida Nordenlöw, Mira Cederwall Victorin, Rebecka Bebben Andersson, Matilda Kenttä, Liva Wraae Roth, Wilma Tesch, Sara Kallioinen Lundgren, Lovisa Axén, Sofia Brolin