Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

Program 2021

Collage som arbetsmetod, då och nu / Collage as a working method, then and now – Artists´Corner

Is there still a legacy of Endre Neme’s thoughts and working methods in Gothenburg? 

If so, what does that legacy look like? Is there a connection between collage methods and multilingualism? 

Artists´ Corner shows an exhibition relay in three parts. The relay follows a timeline; from borrowed collages by Endre Nemes and his students, invited artists working in the spirit of Nemes, to a scan of today´s art scene in Gothenburg. 

The project collaborate with Nemeshallen in Mölnlycke. 

Artists´ Corner is a platform and project room for collaborations and experiments. A place where artist-run ideas can be developed and a place for artistic freedom and diversity.  

Project managers: Pia Mauno and Carina Fihn 


För medverkande: www.konstepidemin.se. 

Visitor information


Konstepidemin, Ateljé 303/Artists´ Corner 

Datum och tid  

2 september – 10 oktober 2021 

För tider: www.konstepidemin.se