”Jag Finns”, Norma. Utställning, galleriet

Program 2021

Klä oss i Gult. FLYG i det Gula! Älska i det GULA. Lek i det gula!!!

The project that didn’t. Great visions. Magnifique ideas. Big plans! Visionaire! Lax Gul. Shelly Blue. John Bullfrost. Jonatan Pihlgren. Pebbe Rudlund’s magical yellow restaurant. Dress in yellow. Walk in yellow. Fly in the yellow. Love in the yellow. It didn’t happen. Health got in the way. Small details got too big. Sometimes things not always go as planned. A second chance. This time totally perfect at Konstrepubliken – Psykiatrins Monument. It started and ended in the swings, up in the sky, towards the stars and crash into the abyss. Now it will happen 2021. In harmony. A new chance. It will be magical! 


Lax Gul, Shelly Blue, John Bullfrost, Jonatan Pihlgren, Pebbe Rudlund, Jon Fredriksson, Saga Bok