Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

Program 2021

Stubbåkersgatan 1: ett bildspel – N. Nilsson Falkholt

Stubbåkersgatan 1 is being transformed. The site consists of the concrete slab from the former Lindhagaskolan. It will be replaced with condominiums and a new residential area will be created. “In the 70s I was a student at Lindhagaskolan. During a school project I took photos, but the photos were never copied. In 2019, I returned to the site and documented what I saw. I looked up the negatives from school and copied them. These photo collages show the place where time flows together in anticipation of the future. What status and what capital will Stubbåkersgatan 1 carry when the glass facades and market prices have settled over the concrete slab that is part of the history.” Nilsson Falkholt


N. Nilsson Falkholt 

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