Nordiska Akvarellmuseet och Tjörns kommun. Foto: Per Pixel Petersson

Program 2021

Precious Balance Walk

”We are all waters in the same Ocean” Yoko Ono  

The video work Precious Balance Walk presents six Nordic performance artists, invited to perform in and with the waters in Öresund, Ribersborgs beach, Malmö (Sweden). The film is part of the intuitive art project “I Still Live in Water” by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen.  

The intention of the film is to create an immediate sense of belonging to water, and to evoke impulses and inspiration to explore the fact that our bodies are composed of water and that we live in a hydrosphere. And to remind us of how precious water is and that we must protect the water on earth. 


Felicia Konrad & Johan Haugen 

With artists:
Lisa Nyberg
Erik Högström
Joakim Stampe
Meri Nikula
Ignacio Péres Péres 
Elena Lundquist Ortiz