Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

Program 2021

The exhibition is based on the artists research and conversations around the missionary and reflects their complex, ambivalent and contradictory thoughts on the topic.  

Anna’s view is taken from her family story and her archive, Mona’s from the research on missionaries as collectors of ethnographic objects. They are both urged from personal interpretations, but their starting points are different and have been processed through different media. They show different perspectives on the phenomenon mission  the convincing of a “truth” in order to save people and the world. Usually a peaceful transition but where some things are lost or sacrificed for a “better” life which has consequences for all parties. 


Anna Unsgaard & Mona Wallström 

Visitor information

Date and time

October 1 :  5 – 7 pm 

October 2 – 3:  12 – 4 pm