Artist: Grebnellaw Foto: Leo Gongora

Program 2021

Shows for Shows for Shows – Lena Kimming, Liv Schellander, Alexandra Wingate 

Comical and uncannygrand and intimatethis dance performance playfully moves in-between animals and humanscontrol and raptureentertainment and radical empathyAs we perform in the arena,  you’re sitting around usclose to usThere are also a big screenYou can look at us or watch the film that is made. It is all happening simultaneouslyOffscreen and onscreen narratives, reality and illusion, pulling your gaze between the two. In Shows for Shows for Shows we propose ourselves as domesticated human animals and strive to create an intriguing connection between entertainment involving humans and animals. 


Lena Kimming, Liv Schellander, Alexandra Wingate

Visitor information

14–15 October 19pm, 16 October 16pm  

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