Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

Program 2021

The People’s Collection – Ana Mendes

The People’s Collection is an independent project initiated in 2014, in which Ana Mendes invited people originating from colonized/invaded countries to visit ethnographic museums around the world and reflect upon their identity in a post-colonial context. Afterwards, she visits the museum, photographs the objects and creates a collection of postcards that carry the name of the participant. The work has been developed in more than 30 museums worldwide, from Tokyo to New York, London and Paris. 


Ana Mendes 

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Datum och tid  

2 – 26 september. Tisdag kl. 12 – 17, onsdag kl. 16 – 20, torsdag kl. 12 – 17, lördag – söndag kl. 12 – 16. 



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