Konstmuseet. Verk av Elli Hemberg.

Program 2021


In the dance performance Within, there is a desire to explore an event in and outside time through movement. Is it in the conscious presence that we can live, exist and create fully? 

Benedikte Esperi, choreographer, moves safely in the two dimensions and has found a balance between thought and execution. Dancers Moa Lund and Linda Wardal take the pictures and develop them in an individual way in their movement. Ida Lod, musician and composer, is live on stage using violin, vocal and other audio sources. Linnea Jardemark, video artist, uses the projector as a medium to create moving images in conversations with other scenic elements. 


Dancers: Moa Lund and Linda Wardal  

Musician and composer: Ida Lod 

Video artist: Linnea Jardemark

Choreographer: Benedikte Esperi