Artist: Mats Hjelm Foto: JB Berenger

Program 2021

Exhibition: A Great Seaweed Day

A Great Seaweed Day is a work that belongs to The Inner Ocean – a multi-part project embracing the fact that Ingela Ihrman love to swim. The project’s title refers to the fluid that encloses mature egg cells in all land-living animals. The liquid has the same salinity as the primal ocean once had – the sea where the first life once aroused. All the sculptures are in a large scale and made from different textiles, wallpaper adhesice, wheat flour etc. Before making them she spent time on the shorlines in Scottland and Koster Islands. The title A Great Seaweed Day is a quote from the diary of the marine botanist Margaret Gatty (1809-1873). The works were shown during the Venice Biennale 2019.  


Ingela Ihrman 

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Opening 2 October at 14