Program 2021

Luciano Goizueta – Echo Chamber 

Luciano Goizueta’s (Costa Rica) love for science, self-awareness and art combines in a variety of works that can be colourful texturised acrylic, inspired by scientific phenomena, or decontextualised objects that explores the idea of abandonment and decaying of cities; miniature environments in a box, or a suitcase, and detailed collages covering large surfaces. He observes, documents and archives events around him, constantly collecting metadata. For him “drawing is observing in details”, while re-enacting memories before they are lost. 

Visitor information

Date and time

19 – 24 october 12 – 4pm


Lokstallet: Uddevallavägen 1  (the opposite side of the Norwegian ferries) 452 30 Strömstad


Luciano Goizueta