Konstepidemin Foto: Berit Jonsvik

Program 2021

Valentina Dovbrovas liv – Denis Romanovski & Nils Claesson

Families hide their secrets in real or virtual vaults or treasure troves in their gardens. Next-generation and generations after are thus inheriting hidden secrets. Children and grandchildren inherit stories never told; they grow up feeling that someone, one day, will unveil them and the truth will come forward. Words that have never been uttered. A sincere story constantly shifting and gliding in tone; it consists of the things that can be told and things that are unsuitable, even to remember.The past never ceases to amaze the present. 


Denis Romanovski 
Nils Claesson

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Datum och tid  

2 – 26 september. Tisdag kl. 12 – 17, onsdag kl. 16 – 20, torsdag kl. 12 – 17, lördag – söndag kl. 12 – 16. 



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