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Program 2021

This is a Ten Sided Dream

The core of our studio – a terrain better known as the lunch and fika room – will temporarily become our exhibition space. Triviality unites. The commonality is brought about not in an agreement of principle but in a discussion about changing the light bulb. And from there we dreamt. We still have our own confined spaces but will expand into this one room to exhibit paintings, drawings, audio, textiles and installations – we let the dream take over. 


Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, Björn Camenius, Britt-Marie Hansson, Wichayaporn Khaoluang, Mari Lagerquist, Kaisa Luukkonen, Bergþór MorthensHanna RominChristina Skårud, Lucy Wilson

Visitor information

september at 13-20 
4–5 september at 14-18