Varningsskylt utanför RUM44 i Mellby. Foto: Anette Sjölander

Program 2021

Varning för ART

In Varning för Art, a number of works by different artists are presented. “Library of Forgotten Memories” by Marit Lindberg and Lena Ollmark, forgotten memories that are collected on site.  “The Grief and the Ghost”, a work about physical and mental disease by Christina Tivemark. Jeanette Schäring recieve a digital call from New Zealand. Anette Sjölander presents drawing, painting and sculpture. Lovisa Ivenholt shows the work “It’s just a ride”. 

There will also be performances and sculptures in Konsthall Mellbyskogen with Berith Stennabb which embodies, among other things, memories from an old dance floor, Johan Suneson, Leif Skoog and Christoffer Modig. Suneson, Skoog and Modig do their joint performance “Torna seffiro” in the forest at the bus tour with Samtidskonst Skaraborg and also partly via zoom on the opening day and at the Open House. 


RUM44: Marit Lindberg, Lena Ollmark, Lovisa Ivenholt, Christina Tivemark, Jeanette Schäring, Anette Sjölander 

Konsthall Mellbyskogen: Berith Stennabb, Johan Suneson, Leif Skoog and Christoffer Modig  

Visitor information

29 august – 2 october. 

Open saturdays and sundays 2pm-5pm  

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