Vasya Run, 12/9-22/11 & Play before Production


Svilova is an artist-run cultural platform with online art exhibitions. For GIBCA Extended, Svilova has invited the critic Anastasia Fedorova and the Russian performance project Vasya Run, the works of which are a mixture of hip hop, spiritual liberation, and theatre performed by men the ages of 16-23. This work can be seen as a form of resistance against rigid forms of culture within the era of information technology.

Furthermore, the Gothenburg-based artists Gabo Camnitzer and Kerstin Persson will present their project Lek före produktion (Play before production). The starting point for the participation of Camnitzer/Persson is a series of workshops where they, together with children, have reflected on how a playground may be recaptured, and how the imagination of children can be used in the planning and design of playgrounds. 

Image: Svilova, Image courtesy of the artist