Not Quite

Åmål. Kanske helt andra berättelser, 1/10-18/10 och 14/11

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Not Quite

- is a place and a network of professional artists, artisans and designers
- is located in the old paper mill in the forests of Fengerfors, Åmål municipality, in the region of Dalsland
- currently has around 50 members, living in the area as well as around the world
- was established in the old industry in autumn 2002
- consists of workshops, studios, a gallery, a café, a shop, and an art institute
- has quickly become one of the main cultural sites to visit in the region of Västra Götaland

Thumb: Not Quite - Krigsminne, foto Not Quite
Bild: Not Quite Åhmol - Kanske helt andra berättelser