Vänersborg konsthall

Etosha, 10/9-18/10

Address: Kungsgatan 15, Vänersborg
Opening hours: Monday-Friday at noon-4 pm, Wednesday noon- 7 pm, Saturday 1 am-3 pm
Contact: www.vanersborg.se/konsthall

In this exhibition, seven Namibian artists share their personal approaches to the large national park Etosha i northern Namibia, the size of which is half of Denmark. There is not one story, but several. The story which will become the official one, the so called real, is a question of power.

At Vänersborgs museum, there is already a collection of almost a thousand West African birds, gathered and donated by Axel W Eriksson at the end of the 19th century. Through Etosha, Vänersborgs konsthall aims at widening the historical and contemporary story about the area. This gives new openings and a partly different image of Namibia than the one formerly given at Vänersborgs museum.