Skup Palet

The Impaired Cycle, 11/9-22/11

Address: Hey its Enrico Pallazzo!, Sockerbruket 20-22, Göteborg
Open: September 11 - November 22
Contact: www.skuppalet.org 

The Impaired Cycle is a research and an exhibition based in the bodily experiences of loss in the shared physical space. They describe their exhibition like this:

”Capitalism has conquered all alternatives and has occupied passion. Doubt is extinguished at the cost of a charter ticket. Therefore we squat afresh and peel an egg each. It is a stolen image and a common body memory. It reminds us of our ability to laugh and to cry. We cannot stop without something similar at hand.”

The Impaired Cycle is shown at www.skuppalet.org through-out the biennial.

Image: Skup Pallet - The Impaired Cycle Mensch