Klara Andersson

20.21 till 22.05 den 24e Augusti 2007, 26/9 & 27/9

Meeting point: Under Älvsborgsbron, Röda Sten 1, Göteborg ‎
Saturday 26/9 at 5-5.30 pm, Sunday 17/9 at 3-3.30 pm.
Contact: www.klaramariasofia.blogspot.se

The performance of the sound artist Klara Andersson is based on a conversation between two teenagers over a chat function on the internet eight years ago. Brutality is intertwined with everyday life, together forming a modest piece of reality. Can a chat be a historical document of a generation? What stories are hidden in a transient medium from a brief time in life?


Image: Klara Andersson, 20.21 till 22.05 den 24e Augusti 2007 / Copyright: Klara Andersson