Release, 9/7

More information and contact: www.gbgo.se

In the project Göteborgskartan (Gothenburg map) Göthenburgo updates the maps of the city in collaboration with the citizens. Map number one, depicting Lundby, is released at the opening party at GIBCA Extended on September 9, 5-9 pm.


- has a programme for web and local TV in Gothenburg
- was created in 2014
- has around 140 members
- the Gothenburg map is the second large project of the association

Gothenburg map

- The Gothenburg map wants to show what Gothenburg has to offer in one and the same spot.
- The contents are made by the citizens themselves.
- The plan is to make two maps a year. The first one is of Lundby.
- At Gothenburg’s 400-year-anniversary in 2021, each district will have its own map.
- For more information on participating: please visit Göthenburgo on Facebook or the website gbgo.se


Image: Illustrator & architect Rocío Soto