Forsåker Byggnad 14

nothing dissolve(s) to and Amalia Kenamets - Spår av ansikten, 19/9-25/10

Address: Byggnad 14, Privatvägen 1, 431 33 Mölndal
Opening hours: Sept 19–Oct 25, Sat–Sun at 2–5 pm
Contact: mats.jansson@molndal.sewww.forså

nothing dissolve(s) to 

Carmen Olsson, Åsa Herrgård and Dan Fröberg

Forsåker Byggnad 14 (Building 14) invites three contemporary artists who co-create a site-specific work: nothing dissolve(s) to. The point of departure is the specific history of the area and the stories that are hidden in the old paper mill. The artists Carmen Olsson, Åsa Herrgård and Dan Fröberg together show an exhibition of installations, visual art, dance, performance, and sound art.

Spår av ansikten (Traces of Faces)

Amalia Kenamets, in collaboration with the handpaper mill of Kvarnbyn

The work of Amalia Kenamet explores the borderland between human, reflection, and dream. The exhibition shows a series of works where the artist has used pulp spray, a technique where pulp of cotton fibres are sprayed onto sheetings. The artist visualizes poetic and melancholic faces like imprints from another time.

Opening: Saturday September 19 at 2 pm

Picture: Forsåker Byggnad 14