Redo/Undo: Experimenting in the Commons

Open: Sep 13 - Nov 8


Redo/Undo: Experimenting in the Commons is a four-part exploration of ways to rethink and re-purpose commonly available objects in public and extended-public space.

We see design as philosophy-through-hands, a direct way of creating a multitude of uses for objects that are otherwise limited to their use as urban infrastructure. Our hope is for deeper experiences in everyday life as a complement to the harsh ultra-realism of contemporary cities. What we’re looking for is more or less a poetics of everyday life.

Each of the four explorations is a two-week open process where everyone is welcome to participate. We actively encourage multiple solutions and perspectives throughout the entire project. Based on object typologies that are all well-known everyday things, we encourage projects that explore how these can be starting points for new experiences. Everyone may work with these projects wherever they are, in studios, homes or garages, in Sweden or abroad. The events we host will be in Göteborg, but we encourage participants in other locations to send documentation or instructions to us in order to present their contributions.

The first period starts on September 13 and the fourth, and the last period ends on November 8, together with a concluding event that allows for a deeper discussion. Each two-week period begins and concludes with a meet-up where the concepts and implementations carried out are presented and discussed. Here, the typology for the next two-week period is presented.

Redo/Undo: Experimenting in the Commons is curated by Being, a Göteborg-based design studio founded by artists Mikael Vesavuori and Niklas Persson. 

Being used to be Studio research.

Image: Studio Research - Redo Undo