Ateljékollektivet Ångpannegatan 5

Open studios at Kvillebäcken, 3/10

Address: Ångpannegatan 5, Göteborg
Opening hours: 3/10 at 2-7 pm

In Augusti 2009, the first artists moved into the studios at Ångpannegatan behind Backaplan in Gothenburg. It is an address with a reputation, occasionally having been called “the most dangerous street in Sweden”. But today, Backaplan is an area in transition, and large parts of the former industrial spaces have now been demolished and replaced by the new residential area Kvillebäcken. Now the doors of the studios are being opened to the public: 12 artists show their works at one of the last streets in Kvillebäcken that has not yet been eradicated.

Participating artists: Karin Elmlund, Marie Dahlstrand, Eric Magassa, Rita Nettelstad, Alexandra Hedberg, Hampus Pettersson, Magdalena Rapala, Sara Trovik, Beatrice Marklund, Björn Rydén, Christin Wahlström Eriksson, Angelica Olsson, Héloïse Delègue