Skiljande tecken – platsens begär, 2 Sep, 14 Oct, 4 Nov Walks

Address: Mollaryd station, commuter platform (meeting place)

Opening Hours: 2 September 10 am–1 pm, 14 October 2–5 pm, 4 November 2–5 pm



Textival invites you to walks, discussions, art and text on the theme of unifying factors, holy and secular places, and ethical, geographical and artistic boundaries.

Texts chosen by guest writers, librarians and artists—with or without relation to belief or non-belief—are presented, like greetings from a written voice, via a reading gaze, to a listening receiver. In places that can be regarded as in some sense holy, separating or desirable.

What happens when we compare the segregation of secularity with the separation between narratives, aesthetics, writers and readers? Or with different kinds of desire and their relationship to physical or mental spaces? If we regard secularity as a forum for negotiating different ways of life, what happens if that potential for negotiation disappears? And who holds the power to formulate, or what norms govern, these spaces of negotiation?

Participants include: 

Ulla Johansson - Priest (Fristad)
Sarah Delshad - Founder Muslim feminists, writer (Stockholm)
Riza Sheqiri - Writer, poet (Uddevalla)
Kamal el Salim - Activist, Screen Play Writer (Stockholm)
Anneli Furmark - Writer, artist (Umeå)
Anika Zińczuk - Poet, artist, psychologist (Warszawa)
Stina Nilss - Cultural producer, activist (Mollaryd)
Therese Ytter - Cultural producer, litterature academic (Göteborg) 
Sara Jonsson - illustrator (Mollaryd)
Gun-Britt Bäckman - artist (Horshaga) 


A ten-kilometre walk: 2 September, with breaks and talks relating to the theme
Shorter walks: 14 October and 4 November, with readings and discussions

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