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Studio OAS

Enchanté, 22–27 Sep Exhibition

Address: Studio OAS, Daniel Petterssons gata 5, Gothenburg

Opening Hours: Saturday–Sunday 12 noon–6 pm, Tuesday–Wednesday 5 pm–8 pm


Re-enchantment is a concept that describes the counter-reaction to secularised society, where the world, life, nature and society are explained from a rational perspective, and religious institutions lose their influence, while individualistic spirituality is increasing. In an age where everything around us is increasingly measured and calculated in economic and technological terms, there is a growing hunger for intuition, mysticism and magic.

The participants are members of Studio OAS, a multidisciplinary collective based in Guldheden. The Studio is both a workplace and a physical creative platform for discussions, exhibitions, workshops and other events.

Participating artists: Hannes Ahremark, Filippa Andersson, Mathilda Björk, Robert Ek, Nini Hansen, Stephanie Johansson, Andreas Remfeldt, Pia Räty and Hampus Wester.

Opening: Friday, 22 September at 6 pm–9 pm