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Strandverket Konsthall

Yama – three bodies – Frauke & Andreas Tilliander, 21 & 22 Sep and Experiment with Dreams – Chawki&Runesson, 22 Sep

Address: Hamngatan 56, Marstrand



Both works, Yama – three bodies (with Frauke & Andreas Tilliander) and Experiment With Dreams (with Chawki&Runesson) are presented at Strandverket Art Museum as part of GIBCA Extended.

On Thursday, 20 September, you can see Yama for SEK 150, and on Friday you can see both productions for SEK 250. Bus services are available both nights from central Gothenburg to Strandverket Art Museum. The bus fare is SEK 50 per night.

Book your tickets for the bus and productions at


Yama – three bodies Frauke & Andreas Tilliander, 21 & 22 Sep

Butoh Dance, Performance

Date: Thursday, 21 Sep at 7.30 pm–8.15 pm, and Friday, 22 Sep at 8.45 pm–9.30 pm

The work Yama, which means mountain in Japanese, explores our relationship to undomesticated nature. The mountains represent climax, revelation and transition—they are our highest points, and also the omphalos of the world, the origin of everything. Three bodies refers to nature’s cyclical changes and the three bodies, or phases, that nature goes through in its perpetual flow. Yama – three bodies is a unique live performance with the butoh artist and dancer Frauke and the electro/glitch musician Andreas Tilliander.

The show takes place when day meets night at Strandverket Art Museum, on the craggy island of Marstrand. Strandverket Art Museum is located in a stone fortification that juts out into the sea, beautifully surrounded by water.


Experiment with DreamsChawki&Runesson, 22 Sep


Date: Friday, 22 Sep at 7.30 pm–8.15 pm

In Experiment With Dreams the artists Hanna Chawki and Cecilia Runesson read an eponymously titled text by the artists Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg, creating an intimate recital/séance on the boundary between dream and waking, reality and fiction, repetition and surprise, in a hypnotic twilight soundscape (approx. 40 mins.).