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Steneby konsthall

TO FACE – Paula Urbano and Elin Berge, 28 Sep–5 Nov Exhibition

Address: Steneby art gallery, Enhetsvägen 1, Dals Långed

Opening Hours: Monday 10 am–6pm, Tuesday–Thursday 1 pm–5 pm, Saturday–Sunday 3 pm–5 pm

In Flyktens väntrum (The Waiting Room of Flight) Paula Urbano constructs the spatial realities that asylum seekers encounter or are referred to. In the film Flyktingen av den sorgliga skepnaden (The Refugee of Sad Countenance), we meet an asylum seeker with all the usual human flaws and advantages, and a question that remains unanswered. Urbano also shows a project based on her own origin, where she challenges our attitudes to nationality, borders and identity.

Elin Berge meets people with an inquisitive gaze. She candidly explores different groups, many of which are surrounded by prejudice, highlighting individuals and their stories, forcing us to look beyond stereotypes. With her camera, she gives people back their sovereignty. Berge shows pictures from her projects Slöjor (Veils) and Drottninglandet (Queensland).

The oeuvres of Elin Berge and Paula Urbano readily bring to mind the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas' ideas on our moral responsibility in the encounter with the Other. Berge and Urbano challenge the viewer to see and understand. It’s our choice whether we meet a gaze or turn away.