GIBCA-Extended 2017 Panncentralen Galleri Mariestad_M

Panncentralen Galleri Mariestad

Address: Verkstadsgatan 10, Mariestad




A secular society is recognised by its intercultural influences and the resistance that these can provoke. For this edition, Panncentralen is participating in GIBCA Extended to more clearly define the rights that should be accessible to all. Democratic values are not something that, once they have been won, belong to us forever. Protecting human rights is a daily battle.

Panncentralen’s contribution highlights the right of every human to be themselves. To own their body and to have their values respected. Global information technology has given those with hidden agendas a forum where they can vent their dark thoughts, putting especially children and young adults in jeopardy.

Panncentralen is committed to clarifying the importance of the arts, democratic rights and the economy for social development, both locally and regionally. With exhibitions, installations and participation in events such as GIBCA, Panncentralen seeks to reach more people with its message.

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