GIBCA-Extended-2017-M-Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

Sekularitet och religion i Japan, 30 Sep Lecture (in Swedish)

Address: Nordic Water Colour Museum, Södra Hamnen 6, Skärhamn

Date: Saturday, 30 September at 3 pm


The Nordic Watercolour Museum invites you to Sekularitet och religion i Japan (Secularity and religion in Japan), an open lecture on religiosity in two of ‘the world’s most secular nations’: Japan and Sweden. In conjunction with its ongoing exhibition of Japanese contemporary art and GIBCA’s thematic on secularity, the lecture challenges the concepts of secularity and religiosity as universal phenomena.

Japan is often regarded as a country where religion plays a marginal part in society. Few Japanese consider themselves religious, and the state and religion are strictly separated according to the constitution.

And yet, more religious traditions coexist here than in any other country; some say that the Japanese are born as Shintoists, marry as Christians, and are buried as Buddhists. How is this reconciled with the image of Japan as ‘the world’s most secular nation,’ is one of the issues that will be discussed in the lecture.

Ernils Larsson is a doctoral student at the Religion and Society Research Centre, Uppsala University. In his doctoral thesis he studies how Japanese courts address the issue of what is religion and what is not.