GIBCA-Extended-2017-M-Monica Funck

Monica Funck

På oplogade vägar, 23 Sep–19 Nov Site-Specific Installation

Address: Torp 102 Hjärtum, Trollhättan
Opening Hours: The work is accessible throughout the whole period. On 23–24 September, the work is manned by the artists between 11 am–5 pm.

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As part of GIBCA Extended, a meeting place/rest stop in nature is created along the old main road near Valdalsbäcken, between Sollum and Torp (Hjärtum), now the pilgrim route between Lödöse and north towards Trondheim. People and animals can walk to this place together, regardless of religion, gender or age. This is a place for everyone. It becomes a meeting place when art and people are added. During the weekend of 23–24 September, between 11 am and 5 pm, artists will be there, to greet visitors and offer them something to eat and drink. A poet will read poetry, and those who wish can participate in adding to the house that is standing there.

Installation by Monica Funck, poetry by Katarina Fleicher, music by Lolo Funck Andersson, Joel Edin and Anton Samsson.

The place will be open and accessible throughout GIBCA, and the organisers will be present on agreed times.

Directions: 2 km north of Hjärtum, turn left at the Valdalsbergen Nature Preserve, park by the barn.
Bus stop: Torps Gård, and follow the signposts.