GIBCA-Extended 2017 Marika Hedemyr_M

Marika Hedemyr

Next to You at Korsvägen, 6 Sept–19 Nov Mixed Reality Walk and Artist Talk

Place: Korsvägen 2, Gothenburg, outside the waiting room at Pressbyrån
Opening Hours: 9 am-7 pm 

A team will be onsite on the following dates; times to be announced: 6−24 September, 11−15 October, 14−19 November.



Where are you going? How do you relate to the person next to you? A smartphone can open new worlds and links, but it can also create isolated bubbles and stratified societies. In Next to You at Korsvägen, Marika Hedemyr examines this paradox with an interactive walk where your choices decide the course of events—a private Mixed Reality situation is generated where our perception of the place and the passers-by is enhanced. What direction are you going? Be prepared!

The work was created for, and can be experienced at, Korsvägen in Gothenburg. Take the walk on your own with your mobile and headset, or borrow equipment when the team is on site.

Marika Hedemyr’s art explores emotional and political relations between people and places. Her recent public works expand choreography and narratives with new technology.



Artist Talk:
Marika Hedemyr with Mona el Gammal, The real and virtual place - the narrative space 
Marika Hedemyr and Mona el Gammal in conversation about the possibillitis and limits in artistic practice such as art, choreography an theatre in virtual spaces and mixed realities.
Moderator: Sarah Melin, Göteborgs Dance and Theatre Festival
Where? Konstepidemin, Blåa Huset
When? 10 september, kl.12.30 - 14:00

Artist Talk (in Swedish):
Meet the artist in a talk with Klas Grinell, research coordinator and curator for the Museum of World Culture’s exhibition Crossroads.

Where? Museum of World Culture
When? Wednesday, 11 October at 6 pm–7 pm