GIBCA-Extended 2017 Imad Rashdan_M

Imad Rashdan

Stories about the Land... Stories about the Sky, 14–20 Oct Exhibition

Address: Kampenhofsgatan 2, Uddevalla

Opening Hours: 11 am–4 pm



Holy or secular stories…

Our everyday stories are what unites and identifies us. Where politicians use religion to separate us, Imad Rashdan instead uses language to highlight our likenesses and how we harmonise.

Rashdan’s work seeks to bring us closer, regardless of origin, religion or political affiliations. Our co-existence is founded on stories about people. Those who try to manipulate religions have no place here. People’s daily activities are remarkably similar all over the world. They are instinctive and spontaneous. Rashdan assumes the role of narrator in his art, in contrast to those who adopt religion as their medium. His works express a human history that seeks to supplant fraud and manipulation. Rashdan proposes that those who use religion to justify their actions should make way for the enlightened and those who are informed by humanity.