GIBCA-Extended 2017 Hammarkullen konsthall_M

Hammarkullen Konsthall

Klass 3Bs äventyr – Sarah Schmidt, 1 Sep–10 Nov Installation

Address: Hammarkullen underground tram station
Opening Hours: Same opening hours as the tram station


Hammarkullen Konsthall is the outreach programme of Blå Stället and is currently located in Hammarkullen's underground tram station. During GIBCA Extended it features a project by Gothenburg-based artist Sarah Schmidt. Portraits of the new generation in Hammarkullen will move in the public display window that is part of Hammarkullen Konsthall. A performative event will take place when Class 3B at Emmaskolan visits a photo booth that is filmed and immortalised. The place, which is simultaneously a tram station, art gallery and public space, is transformed temporarily into a tribute to the children of Gothenburg’s new generation.