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Hammarkullen 365

Kulturernas samexistens – Ronak Azeez, Khalid Baban, Faruq Omer & Kassem "Mehai" Shawi D., 21 Oct Exhibition

Address: Hammarkullen
Opening Hours: Saturday, 21 October at 12 noon–5.30 pm


Hammarkullen 365 aims to promote Hammarkullen by highlighting its rich arts scene, and by providing a platform for cultural practitioners in the area to meetincluding both those who are currently active and those who have previously worked in the arts but are no longer practising for various reasons. The project seeks to find new forms for collaborating, to expand the residents’ participation in the area’s cultural life, and to increase the amount of activities for kids and teens.

The exhibition Kulturernas samexistens (Co-existence of Cultures) with the artists Ronak Azeez, Khalid Baban, Faruq Omer and Kassem “Mehai” Shawi D. will be shown on a Cultural Walk in Hammarkullen on Saturday, 21 October.

“We come from different cultures, and it’s so nice that we have the experience to express ourselves through our art. We will show pictures from our wonderful cultures.”