GIBCA-Extended 2017 Galleri Sockerbruket_M

Galleri Sockerbruket

MELLANRUMMET / THE GAP – Graham Stacy, Mia Frankedal & Eva Wilms, 8 Sep–29 Oct Exhibition

Address: Sockerbruket 18, Gothenburg

Opening Hours: Wednesdays and Sundays 12 noon–5 pm


Website: (Gallery Sockerbruket / IKON)

Gallery Sockerbruket is transformed ahead of the Biennial into a ‘gap’ for contemplation, art experiences and recuperation. The walls are covered with ‘velvet’ and art. Visitors are invited to sit in peace or talk to the guest artists, or take the opportunity to write a personal prayer/wish on a piece of paper, anonymously and in their own language, and to place it in the gallery’s ‘icon pillar.’ Gallery Sockerbruket will publish all the anonymous prayers in a public place during the final days of GIBCA.

The artists Eva Wilms and Mia Frankedal have created the room where their non-religious ICON inspirations give the space its character. The sculptor Graham Stacy’s sculpture/installation outside the gallery welcomes visitors inside. With curiosity and a faith in art as a unifying link between people, cultures and beliefs, THE GAP is created where nothing is demanded of the visitor.

The gallery is open daily on 8–10 September at 12 noon–5 pm, and then on Wednesdays and Sundays until 29 October.