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Galleri Konstepidemin

X /’All is still, still.’/! – Attila Urban, 6–24 Sep and SKYMMER OCH SER:2 – Jenny Magnusson & Patrik Elgström, 30 Sep–22 Oct

Address: Konstepidemins väg 6, Gothenburg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Thursday 12 noon–5 pm, Friday–Sunday 12 noon–4 pm



X /’All is still, still.’/! – Attila Urban, 6–24 Sep
Exhibition and Artist Talk

Attila Urban is an artist who works with performative enactments of individual and collective memories. Moments that challenge our contemporary relationship to history and identity. The images he creates explore the traces of displacement and its influence on traditions and rituals. The exhibition X /’All is still, still.’/! at Gallery Konstepidemin features ten works in various media. The film Yxa (Axe) is a documentation of a performance where the artist holds an axe over his head, locked in a waiting pose. Suddenly, the axe chops into the ground. The image is turned upside down, and the action is repeated. The work Horisont (Horizon) shows a brick wall with an empty space in the middle. The artist crawls along the wall and fills the space with his own body. The film was shot in Serbia, near the Hungarian border.

Artist Talk with Attila Urban: Sunday, 24 September at 3 pm.


SKYMMER OCH SER:2 – Jenny Magnusson & Patrik Elgström, 30 Sep–22 Oct
Exhibition and Artist Talk

Jenny Magnusson and Patrik Elgström work with sculpture and photography respectively. This exhibition focuses on central themes in both their practices: materiality, spatiality and architecture. An exploration of the viewer’s and their own movements in relation to place and object.

With the title, the artists point to an activity linked to both their works. SKYMMER (HIDES) alludes to something that is obscured. Where the meaning lies behind what is hidden. The absence of a subject makes it ambiguous in all its simplicity. Is something hiding something else? Am I the one hiding it? SER (SEES) is about the desire to study, notice details. Links and causes. To venture into the materiality of the material. See the meaning in what is before us. Literally. The space as a starting point for the nascence and presentation of the works. They are made for the specific site, where they interact with the architecture. The exhibited works are each imbued with their individual stories that meet in the space. An additional element arises.

Artist Talk with Jenny Magnusson, Patrik Elgström, and Niclas Östlind: Sunday, 22 October at 3 pm.