GIBCA-Extended 2017 Folkstaden_M


The Cloud Cathedral, 7 Sep–13 Oct Exhibition/Workshop

Address: Gathenhielmska ateljéerna, Allmänna vägen 2B, Gothenburg

Opening Hours: Every Thursday at 7.30 pm–10 pm



Accelerating neo-liberal globalisation is heading straight for a brick wall. Who will take the impact? “Not us! Them!” right-wing populists cry and shift into reverse. The liberals and left wing want a new car, thinking this will improve safety and growth. Then, the weak can afford to take the place of the strong, which will probably be vacant, because the strong will have fled in time.

Hard-set, but with stubborn optimism, Folkstaden invite you to take part in their work for a post-consumerist, collaborative society. In addition to cooperative models for building and owning, Folkstaden’s cathedral of clouds features material on new social movements with religious undertones, best-selling Shinto for post-consumerism, and the practical love ethos of natural farming. Welcome to collaborate on building this project!

Folkstaden promote sustainable social planning and quality urban development, focusing especially on housing, inclusive participation, and post-consumerist culture. As an idea-based movement, they strive to organise alternative planning, building and ownership of housing, with more cultural empowerment to enable the civil society to realize sustainable goals.

Opening: Thursday, 7 September at 7.30 pm–11 pm, workshop 5 pm–7 pm

Last Day: Culture Night, Wednesday, 13 October at 7.30 pm–11 pm, workshop 5 pm–7 pm