GIBCA-Extended-2017-Felicia Bodin & Sofia Rydbrand

Felicia Bodin & Sofia Rydbrand

Thin Places, 28 Oct Film Screening

Address: Arts Association Filialen in Skår, near Falköping

Opening Hours: Saturday 4 pm–7 pm

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The concept of ‘thin places’ exists in Celtic Christianity, referring to places where the presence of God is especially conspicuous. This can be a physical place, but it can just as well arise in an encounter or cultural experience. We never know beforehand where and when a thin place exists.

The project of Felicia Bodin and Sofia Rydbrand involves a journey. In an intuitive process, they explore the phenomenon of thin places by engaging in a conscious and unconscious quest.

“Rather than have to think, always and endlessly, what else there could be, we sometimes seem to connect with a layer in our existence that simply wants the things of the world close to our skins.” Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey, 2004:106.

The project will be presented in a film screening at the Arts Association Filialen in Skår.