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Långeds plats i kapitalismen, 23 Sep–15 Oct Exhibition

Address: Gallery Olika, Enetsvägen 2, Dals Långed
Opening Hours: Wednesday–Thursday 4 pm–7 pm, Saturday–Sunday 1 pm–5 pm


The paper mill in Dals Långed in Dalsland closed in autumn 2015. The position of Långed in the capitalist system is the theme for the Långed project’s exhibition. Starting from the local community, the place and the paper mill, the exhibition looks further, to the systemic level, where capitalism appears as incontestable as a religion. The god of capitalism is Mammon: property and materialism. Capitalism exploits Muslims, Christians and Buddhists, men and women, and makes no distinction between ethnicities or skin colour. But the resistance is often secular, such as trade unions, women’s rights movements, and environmental organisations.