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Kungsbacka konsthall

Objekt Plats Tillbaka – Kihlberg & Henry, Anna Liljedal and Simon Rydén, 1 Sep–15 Oct Exhibition

Address: Kulturhuset Fyren, Borgmästaregatan 6, Kungsbacka

Opening Hours: Wednesday–Thursday 12 noon–6 pm, Friday 12 noon–4 pm, Saturday–Sunday 11 am–3 pm


The artists in the exhibition Objekt Plats Tillbaka (Object Place Back) all have their roots in Kungsbacka, but none of them live there anymore. Maybe, whatever place we choose to describe, we are also describing the place we come from—be it the ocean, the myth of Atlantis and the architect Jørn Utzon’s legendary house on Mallorca, or the image hiding in the lines of a failed printout. There are threads here that interweave, linking memory and place.

Guided Tours: Evening tour, 5 September at 6 pm; Lunchtime tours, 20 September and 11 October at 12 noon.