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Burka Songs 2.0 – Hanna Högstedt, 1 Nov and Blue – Annika Larsson, 25 Oct–10 Dec

Address: Gerlesborgsskolan 1, Hamburgsund
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm



Burka Songs 2.0 – Hanna Högstedt, 1 Nov

Film Screening

In 2011, France outlawed face-coverings in public places. Hanna Högstedt received funding to make a film in which she walks through Paris wearing a burqa, singing the national anthem until she is arrested. But things didn’t go as planned. Burka Songs 2.0 documents the process from concept, via civilian police, guilt, shame, singing out of tune, to a discussion about white rooms, the burqa, and who’s narratives are recognised in Sweden today.

After the film, a discussion will take place between Hanna Högstedt, the film director, and Maimuna Abdullahi, a freelance journalist focusing on social mobilisation with a Bachelor in Social Services. The discussion will deal with the interpretative prerogative, solidarity and art.

Screening: Wednesday, 1 November at 6.30 pm.


Blue Annika Larsson, 25 Oct–10 Dec


Annika Larsson’s video installations explore power, control and human relations. In fragmentary narratives created with slow close-ups of simple gestures and actions, or mass media images, she examines how we move and how our bodies move us, acting and reacting with our time.

The work Blue from 2014 consists of an extensive archive of photographic images and video sequences sourced from the Internet. The novel Blue of Noon (Le Bleu du Ciel), written 1935 by the French author and philosopher Georges Bataille against the backdrop of the emerging European fascism, underpins the work. Key words from the text have prompted Larsson’s search for contemporary Internet images and videos for a work that reveals an increasingly nationalist and xenophobic Europe, with a sense of growing frustration and powerlessness, similar to those experienced by the main character in the book.

Opening: Wednesday, 25 October at 6.30 pm.