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Bedtime Stories – Mia Maljojoki, 1–30 Sep and CRUX – Tanel Veenre, 13 Oct–4 Nov

Address: Risåsgatan 5, Gothenburg

Opening Hours: Wednesday–Friday 12 noon–6 pm, Saturday 12 noon–4 pm



Bedtime Stories – Mia Maljojoki, 1–30 Sep
Art Jewellery

What happens with secularisation in a crisis? How do we maintain our balance in a shaky existence of ups and downs, everyday stress and global problems? Mia Maljojoki’s exhibition at Four offers a peaceful haven. Her wearable sculptures give protection and strength, offering a moment of calm and tranquillity.

Mia Maljojoki was born and raised in Finland but has been living in Munich for many years. Her works have an immediate and spontaneous style. At first glance, they seem random, but the composition is balanced and carefully designed. Well-directed but unpredictable events are refined with sensitive intuition and long artistic experience. Maljojoki combines bright colours and shapes with an elegance that lends harmony to a bold chaos.

CRUX – Tanel Veenre, 13 Oct–4 Nov

Art Jewellery

Tanel Veenre looks for similarities between the cross and male genitalia. Power, religion and male dominance have been decisive to the development of Christian culture. As a jewellery artist, Veenre analyses the subject through body-related objects that allude to religious themes and eroticism.

Estonian Tanel Veenre is one of the brightest stars on the art jewellery scene. He fishes creatures out of the deep ocean and embeds them in a shimmer from distant galaxies. Tanel Veenre blends musical notes with aesthetics and poetry to create a magical, magnetic universe that attracts and enchants. He is also a professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.