GIBCA-Extended-2017-Boy konsthall-M

Boy konsthall

7–15 Oct Exhibition

Address: Göteborgsvägen 21 A–C, Bollebygd

Opening Hours: Sunday–Friday 11 am–4 pm, Saturday 11 am–7 pm



Boy konsthall dives deep into the real and fictive municipality of Bollebygd.

The exhibition raises issues concerning coexistence and how it is practised. How contradictory ideas and desires can, and are allowed to, live side by side within an individual or a group. What is presented and what is suppressed in a small community such as Bollebygd?

Boy konsthall examines the colours and aesthetics of Bollebygd, combines seemingly incompatible worlds, generates dialogues using common objects, stages alternative worlds and parallel universes, and uses Venetian blinds as a symbol of the separation between the private and the public spheres.

The exhibition also explores how an artist-driven art space could be designed and operated in Bollebygd. The initiative is run by Teater Nu and Scenkonstguiden.

Participating artists: Lotta Grimborg (SE), Karou Calamy (NO/IRN), Kristin Ylikiiskilä Broberg (SE), Sara Östebro (SE), Maja Östebro (SE), and Dennis Delwér (SE).

Opening: Saturday 7 October at 3 pm–7 pm.