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Borås konstmuseum

In situ, 15 Sep–5 Nov Exhibition

Address: Gustav Adolf Church and P.A. Halls terrass, Borås
Opening Hours: Gustav Adolf Church: daily at 8 am–4 pm (and during worship); P.A. Halls terrass: round-the-clock


The exhibition In situ explores and inverts the concept of ‘on site.’ The location for these works was chosen meticulously. The exhibition is a pilgrimage through contemporary art’s attempts to understand the position of religion in society. The role of religion has changed with society, and faith is no longer the only moral compass. Instead, people look to other sources for guidance. When society’s fundamental tenets are shaken by current events, the church has provided stability, and now engages extensively in crisis management activities. When family relations break down and skyscrapers explode, the church is there to offer comfort and understanding, and to find a way forward by discussing existential issues.

The exhibition In situ features works by Susan Hiller at the Gustav Adolf Church and Younes Baba-Ali at the Borås Museum of Modern Art. Both works address the attempts of religion to show us the right way, and how prayer can be a cry for help.