Långed: historier från en bruksort, 12/3-27/9 och 14/9-29/9

Address: Galleri Olika, Enetsvägen 3, Dals Långed
Opening hours: 12/9-27/9 and 14/11-29/11
Contact: www.langedprojektet.se

At the end of October, after 170 years, the paper mill in Dals Långed will be closed down, having been one of the main employers in the area. The jobs will be lost – but the mill and the history of the workers will not end up in the same way. In Långedprojektet, the stories and descriptions of the workers around the mill and the village will be documented. Soon the last worker will leave the shift at the old paper industry near the Upperud river. 50 persons will lose their jobs, as one of the few employers in Dals Långed is moving its production. In 1844, the first mill was built for the paper industry today called Rexcells pappersfabrik in Långed. As the mill is closed down at the end of October 2015, a tradition of 170 years will die.

Thumb: Kollossning Långedsfabriken, Photo: Karl Sundström, Dals Långed
Picture: Kalas hos Signe Pettersson