Liv Bugge

Liv Bugge’s video work The Other Wild documents how the Oslo Museum of Natural History is emptied of its geology and palaeontology collections in preparation for a move. Hands touch, evaluate, throw away, or keep the prehistoric objects. Left behind are empty cabinets—the framework for a specific narrative about the world and how it is thought to be organised. Bugge directs our attention to how institutions categorise and distinguish between the human and the non-human—between the living and the dead. At the same time, she invites us to explore our own ability to relate to the museum’s collection in ways other than scientific pedagogy.

Liv Bugge (b.1974 in Oslo, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. Bugge studied at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Higher Institute for Fine Art, Belgium, and is currently associate professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Supported by OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.


The Other Wild
Video with sound
28 min
Courtesy the artist


Gothenburg Museum of Natural History


Image: Liv Bugge, The Other Wild, 2018. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler