Kent Lindfors

Kent Lindfors’s painting dissolves the boundaries between time and space. Since the 1970s he has been cross-referencing places and epochs in an artistic and literary body of work. In his monumental tempera paintings, the eddies of the Göta River mingle with the vaulted ceilings of medieval cathedrals, and contemporary motifs from Gothenburg Harbour are found in scenes from the Spanish city of Guadalupe. On view at Röda Sten Konsthall is a selection of Lindfors’ comprehensive oeuvre of drawings and collages. Here the circle of motifs is partly rooted in the artist’s interest in Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher who—not entirely unlike today’s quantum physicists—believed that the universe encompassed an infinite number of worlds. Because of this radical opinion he was burned at the stake in 1600.

Kent Lindfors (b.1938 in Gothenburg, Sweden) lives and works in Gothenburg. Lindfors received his education from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. The artist is represented in a.o. the collection of Gothenburg Art Museum.


Vatten, Rost och Eld (Älven, Skrotmadonnan, Mannen i Båten. Och Giordano Bruno som bränns upp, februari 1600. Campo dei Fiori, Rom)
Mixed technique on paper


Röda Sten Konsthall


Image: Kend Lindfors, Vatten, Rost och Eld (Älven, Skrotmadonnan, Mannen i Båten. Och Giordano Bruno som bränns upp, februari 1600. Campo dei Fiori, Rom) 2016–2019. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler