Black Quantum Futurism

Black Quantum Futurism advocates for an experimental approach to consciousness, time, and space. The sources of inspiration for their work include quantum physics and cultural traditions with roots on the African continent. According to Black Quantum Futurism’s intersectional concept of time, the past and the future are not cut off from the present, but instead influence the whole of our lives—who we are and who we can be. The video Time Travel Experiments is shot like an instructional film and shows how it is possible with simple means to break up time and space in order to create a better future than the past presages. The experiments featured in the video are excerpts from Rasheedah Phillips’ 2014 novel Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales).

Black Quantum Futurism (BQF) is Philadelphia-based interdisciplinary creative practice between Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips. Formed in 2014, BQF has created a number of community-based projects, performances, experimental music projects, installations, workshops, books and short films. The Collective has exhibited and performed a.o. at Serpentine Gallery (2017), Philadelphia Art Museum (2017), MOMA PS1 (2017) and Bergen Kunsthall.


Time Travel Experiments
9 min 30 sec
Written and directed by BQF, shot by Bob Sweeney


Röda Sten Konsthall


Image: Black Quantum Futurism, Time Travel Experiments, 2017. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler