Hanna Kolenovic

The series of pictures entitled Mitt Göteborg (my Gothenburg) documents the places the artist Hanna Kolenovic has lived together with her family over forty years in Gothenburg. The pictures show the buildings, bus and tram stops, plazas and schools that have been part of the family’s everyday life. The series portrays the neighborhoods of Bergsjön, Biskopsgården, Gårdsten, Angered Center, and Backa, which were all part of the public housing initiative known as “the Million Program” undertaken in Sweden from 1965–75. The objective of the program was to build a million units of new housing in ten years, thus resolving the housing shortage and elevating the standard of living. The architecture was characterized by standardized functionalist plans and prefabricated concrete components. The program has been criticized for being both misanthropic and segregating.

Hanna Kolenovic (b.1951 in former Yugoslavia) lives and works in Gothenburg. Kolenovic is an artist educated at Valand, Angeredsateljén art school and the community college in Angered. She has a background as a tailor and designer. In her work she often portrays localities, architecture, nature and people within Gothenburg’s suburban Million Programme areas.


Mitt Göteborg:
Angered Centrum, Angered
Kanelgatan, Gårdsten
Mildvädersgatan, Biskopsgården
SKF, Gamlestaden
Teleskopgatan, Bergsjön
Teleskopgatan II, Bergsjön
6 collagraphs, framed
37 x 44.5 cm each
Courtesy the artist


Göteborgs Konsthall


Image: Hanna Kolenovic, Mildvädersgatan, Biskopsgården, 2014. Photo: Hendrik Zeitler