Foto/Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

Soundworks in the City

Starting 2019, the biennial has invited a number of artists to produce soundworks inspired and informed by Gothenburg.

Mapping invisible or less visible routes throughout the city, present as immaterial artworks in public space, the result of this invitation and of the conversations between artists, curator Lisa Rosendahl and the sites is presented in the eleventh edition of the biennial and is available online on the biennial app.

Pia Sandström – Göteborgssviten (Underjorden), 2019, and Klangbotten (Mörkerseende), 2021

Manuel Pelmuş – East Link. Joy and Sorrow in Gothenburg, 2021

Lisa Torell – Noise Reduction and Glitches: Echoes from the Past and the Future, 2021

Meira Ahmemulic – Till svenska utvandrare, 2021

HAMN (Malin Holgersson & Nasim Aghili) – Brunbältet, 2021

The artworks by Pia Sandström, Manuel Pelmuş and Lisa Torell have been developed in collaboration and with mandate from the City of Gothenburg through its agencies Trafikkontoret and Kulturförvaltningen Göteborg Konst, in the frame of Västlänken in the City. The artworks have as starting point areas in full transformation in the city, Haga, The Central Station and Korsvägen, places that will accommodate train stations of the regional infrastructure development.

Download the biennial app (search for GIBCA in App Store or Google Play) and listen to the artworks in the city or remotely.

d(-_-)b The artworks are best experienced on site, on headphones.

Pia Sandström – Klangbotten (Mörkerseende)